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Is it better for the environment to drink cow’s milk or soy milk? – By Jacob Leibenluft – Slate Magazine

Interesting little article on Slate: Is it better for the environment to drink cow’s milk or soy milk? by Jacob Leibenluft

it takes about 14 calories of fossil-fuel energy to produce one calorie of milk protein on a conventional farm …

By comparison, Pimentel’s data suggest that it takes about 0.26 calories of fossil fuel to make a calorie of organic soybeans

I’m really struggling with my resistance to being vegan these days. Someone described biofuels (at least the ones that use food crops) as a crime against humanity because the food could be used to, well, feed people. The same is therefore true of dairy and meat. Eating animals is a crime against humanity in a world that doesn’t have enough food. And yet I still find myself craving and eating dairy products, even though on a certain level I find them rather gross.

Part of the problem is eating out. …

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Almost Jupiter

Having a 20-month-old, I’ve become acutely aware of the aesthetic delights involved in blowing bubbles, but because the damn things are so ephemeral I never get a chance to really appreciate them.

Cue this slideshow. These really are quite extraordinary photographs. Enjoy!

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Views of Jupiter

There are some amazing pictures of Jupiter and some of its moons on Quite astonishing,

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Re-Incarcerated iPod

For most of the time since buying my iPod Touch last October it’s been “jailbroken,” meaning that I’ve hacked it to bypass Apple’s propietary protections in order to install unauthorized software on it, the grounds being that it’s pretty ridiculous for a computer manufacturer to insist you can only run their software on the machine you’ve bought from them. And the iPod Touch is nothing but a handheld computer.

So that’s been great. I’ve had various programs running on it such as an ebook reader (on which I’ve read several novels), some games, a flashlight, and I can’t remember what else.

But after the launch of Apple’s Application Store on iTunes I decided to un-jailbreak my iPod by installing the latest update to the iPod firmware, meaning that I could use the store but could no longer use the free but unauthorized applications that I’d installed.

That doesn’t seem much of a …

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Where the bleep am I?

A friend just wrote to ask whether anything was wrong, given that I haven’t been blogging here and that I haven’t been writing on Wildmind.

Actually, I’ve just been busy teaching at my local university — a six-week stint I do most years. I’ll say more about that later.

For now I just wanted to comment that I’m writing this post on my iPod Touch using the new Wordpress application. I’ve been checking the app store morning, noon, and night since the app was first announced a couple of weeks back and was excited to see that it had finally arrived.

I can’t comment too much on how it’s working given that this is my first go, but I did have problems with the app crashing when I as entering my blog details — not a promising start. But since getting past that hurdle the app seems to be working …

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