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I’m scared and don’t want to die

I came across this very moving little video tonight. It’s to do with animal slaughter, but don’t worry — it’s not at all graphic. There’s no blood and you don’t see any slaughtering. But it’s very touching, and not very long, either.

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Malkias’s first crawl (sorta!)

This is from last week: July 23, 2009. This was the first time we’d ever seen Malkias crawling, or at least using his feet to push himself forwards. Up until this point we’d only ever seen him rolling to get where he wanted. My iPhone was the bribe that we used to get him to move forwards. (The strangulation hazard isn’t always there, by the way.  My wife had been vacuuming and hadn’t got around to putting the machine away).

He’s making good progress. When we took charge of him (May 30, 2009) his legs were very floppy and dangly. He’s now developing sturdier legs and although he’s not ready to bear his weight he’s moving in that direction.

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Maia’s first dance recital

July 25, 2009. Prescott Park, Portsmouth, NH. My daughter and her fellow classmates (all about 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 years old) from the Portsmouth School of Ballet, in their very first recital. They’re all very young and I think the most they had had was four lessons, so be prepared to encounter more cuteness than artistry! Maia’s one of the youngest, apparently.

We stayed on for a lot of the other dances, some of which were very good indeed. It was obvious that Maia wasn’t much interested in watching the ballet, but she loved anything more contemporary, from jazz tap-dance onwards.

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Further adventures of an aspiring (but tired) Bodhisattva

Gosh, but I’m tired. It seems that I never quite get enough sleep these days, and there’s always one child or another who is going to wake me up long before I’m ready. I found breakfast this morning rather trying. I really just wanted some peace and quiet. Still, there are some days when I’m more rested and robust.

Seems my wife had never heard the exclamation "struth" until I let rip with it today.

One lovely thing today was having my friend Steve Wade round for dinner. I made pizza, and in-between lots of interruptions from the kids we did some catching up. It was great to talk to another adult besides Shrijnana. Doesn’t happen often enough these days.

Seems the theme on my blog is broken. Don’t know why, and I’m not sure  can fix it tonight.

And now for a quick round-up of my activities and interests:

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New book by Jarvis Masters

I got this message from Kathy Rowe on Facebook recently and thought I’d share it more widely. Jarvis is a Buddhist inmate on death row, and a talented writer.

I spoke to Jarvis again recently and we talked about this facebook group. He was excited to know of all the people here showing support and taking an interest in him. I also read out the personal messages people have sent and he was moved by them and told me he felt blessed.

He wanted to offer something to you all and asked me to send you this piece of writing he did, called ‘No Bars to Love‘ 

We were also talking about his new book being published by Harper Collins in September and he told me that it’s possible to order it on now and it’s about $9 cheaper to

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