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From the mouths of babes, 2008–2012

My wife has been collecting some of the funny things that our two kids, Maia (now 5) and Malkias (just turned 4) have said. I’ve added a couple of my own, but unless stated otherwise they’re from my wife and the comments are hers.

I challenge you to read this to the end without cracking up with laughter.

  • While looking out the window: “The croissant moon!” Maia, 2
  • “Sometimes Twitter and Facebook eat us. Indeed.” Maia 2 ½
  • [Added by me] Maia, why did you pinch my nose? “I don’t know, daddy. I did it automatically.” Maia, 2 ½
  • “Daddy, I’m in danger.” “In danger of what?” “I’m in danger of spilling my yogurt.” Maia, 3
  • “Mommy, I need my own computer.” Maia, 3
  • Spoken into a compact mirror that opens like a cell phone: “Hello Barbara, I hope you have a very happy birthday. Your party

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Marjory Tragham/Tragheim, née Duncan

Today my grandmother, Marjory Tragham, née Duncan, would have been 100 years old.

She was born 1911, in Scoonie, Fife, Scotland. She died Sep 26, 1998, Dundee, Scotland.

We always called her “Nana.” She was a lovely, lovely woman.

She’s pictured here with my Uncle Alan, who’s now 58. Since he’s only a few months old in this picture, and since he was born on January 3, the picture must have been taken in 1953.

She was married twice. Her first husband, Alex Ritchie, died of TB, leaving her with a baby girl (my Aunt Margaret). She then remarried my Grandad, Thomas Tragheim, who later went by the name Tragham, since German surnames were unpopular during the war.

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Honoring family veterans

This is my grandfather, Robert Drummond Stephen (my dad’s dad) who I never met, because he died in an accident when my dad was still young. I believe he served in the Gordon Highlanders and Kings own Scottish Borders, and I know he was in Egypt and Hong Kong in the 1920s. He served in WWII.

This is Robert’s father, Lewis Stephen. I believe he served in the Gordon Highlanders in the Boer War.

This is my great uncle Lewis, who was Robert’s brother.

This is my great great grandfather, Peter Wallace, who moved to Scotland from Ireland. I …

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Happy Father’s Day!

My dad.

Atho petteyyatā sukhā
(And joy it is to venerate your father).
Dhammapada 332

Mātāpituupaṭṭhānaṃ puttadārassa saṅgaho
Anākūlā ca kammantā etaṃ maṅgalamuttamaṃ.
(To support mother and father, to cherish wife and children,
and to be engaged in peaceful occupation — this is the greatest blessing.)
Mangala Sutta

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Father’s Day greetings from my children

Father’s Day greetings from Maia and Malkias

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