Hellelujah! (I mean “Sadhu!”)

Given that one of the greatest inconveniences and deficiencies of the iPhone is the lack of any ability to copy and paste, and given that the second major revision of the device’s operating system lacked that ability, I have to wonder if Steve Jobs has no ability to blush. Don’t get me wrong, the iPhone is an astonishing invention. It brings near-ubiquitous access to the web, and does that in a way that is esthetically pleasing and eminently practical. But literally millions of jaws dropped when 2.0 came out and Apple continued to pretend that copy-and-paste was so unimportant that they simply didn’t need to include it. (Currently, the lack of c&p is the second most popular grouse on Please Fix The iPhone). It reminds me of an old British beer commercial where a man asks for a particular kind of beer and is told, “Sorry, mate, we don’t sell it. You must be the hundredth person I’ve told today — there’s no demand.”

Kludges have been attempted, and some have worked, but Apple — adding injury to insult — pulled functioning applications from their store. Like I said, no ability to blush.

But now (and I humbly thank Gizmodo for the news) a company has created a web-based application that allows for copying and pasting. It looks good, as I think you’ll agree from the video above. As long as Apple doesn’t block access to the site I think we’ll be set.

Now I’ll be able not only to tweet from my iPod Touch, but I’ll be able to copy and paste tinyurls to articles I want to share with my friends. The world has just become a better place in which to live. Or it will, tomorrow, when Pastebud is scheduled to go live. If the site doesn’t crash under the weight of traffic.