Honoring family veterans

This is my grandfather, Robert Drummond Stephen (my dad’s dad) who I never met, because he died in an accident when my dad was still young. I believe he served in the Gordon Highlanders and Kings own Scottish Borders, and I know he was in Egypt and Hong Kong in the 1920s. He served in WWII.

This is Robert’s father, Lewis Stephen. I believe he served in the Gordon Highlanders in the Boer War.

This is my great uncle Lewis, who was Robert’s brother.

This is my great great grandfather, Peter Wallace, who moved to Scotland from Ireland. I don’t know anything yet about his military service. (He was my dad’s mum’s dad’s dad!)

My great uncle Peter Wallace.

Leslie Wallace, on my dad’s mum’s side.

William Taylor Lickley (right), was the brother of my great great great grandfather, Leslie Lickley.

Now moving over to my mother’s side of the family…

This is my great grandparents (my mum’s dad’s parents). I knew them both. Edward Tragheim served in the Boer War and in the First World War, where he was gassed and left blind.

Edward Tragheim’s son, also called Edward. He was my great uncle.

This is my great aunt Lily, who is still alive, and her husband, Robert Jaunay. Robert was in the navy, and I believe Lily was as well. She’s still alive and I must get in touch with her.

This is my mum’s mum’s brother, Albert Duncan.

A more distant relative, Alexander Tragheim. He was a Royal Navy radio operator who died when his ship was sunk.

Another more distant relative, Edgar Tragheim, who died in Flanders in WWI.

Ernest Tragheim, a talented chemist, who died also died in WWI.

Edward James Tragheim in his Devonshires Regiment uniform. Died 1918 in Flanders.

Edward Alfred Tragheim, RAF, who died on a training mission in WWII.

This is by no means comprehensive.

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