I still have three invites

Remember: over 18, US resident, willing to pay $1600.?

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  1. Ali Naqvi Ali Naqvi says:

    I'd like one please how do I get it?

  2. I just need your email address. I'll add you to a circle and if you do the same you can then get a message to me in a private post or through a Hangout SMS.

  3. Wait — you're in the UK? And you've just posted a picture of yourself unboxing Glass? I'm confused.

  4. Ali Naqvi Ali Naqvi says:

    I know it was for work I need a personal one now

  5. I'll send the invite, but I can't guarantee that Google will accept payment from you.

  6. Ali Naqvi Ali Naqvi says:

    Thanks. I can always get a mate to order it

  7. Ali Naqvi Ali Naqvi says:

    Is this going to come via email to me?

  8. Can you send me an invite pls ? Iam in US – my email is jpchandru@gmail.com

  9. Google will contact you at some point with an invite. It could take days, weeks…

  10. I submitted your details, Chandru. Good luck!

  11. So this means .. i would defntly get one sooner ?

  12. Last time we did this people got their invites within a few days, but there's no knowing how long it will take.

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