The number of people following me on Google+ has grown explosively over the last 12 days or so. I suspect some of those accounts are actually robots, but still, it's quite remarkable to see such growth. The graph is courtesy of +CircleCount. ?

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  1. Eddie Yasi Eddie Yasi says:

    Ummm, wow, you're a g+ celebrity now!


  2. Aron Mitei Aron Mitei says:

    i come here at gogle 4days ago. u wil mark me presnt sir

  3. I mark you present, +Aron Mitei :)
    Welcome to Google Plus. There are lots of interesting people to follow here. I'd suggest that you search for topics that interest you, and follow people who have interesting things to say, even if you don't know them. It helps if you have a profile picture, because people are more likely to follow you back that way.

  4. CircleCount CircleCount says:

    Looks great +Bodhipaksa Dharmacari!
    Thanks for the mention!

  5. You're welcome, +CircleCount. I'm amazed by the amount of information you provide. 

  6. Yes, I have to act all grown-up now, +Eddie Yasi. Sorry! 

  7. I told everyone you were giving away free bitcoin.

  8. Roger Hyam Roger Hyam says:

    Remember tho art but a man!

  9. I was going to have a statue of myself built, but maybe I'll cancel those plans ;)


    saya ikut…..saya ingin belajar dengan kalian….

  11. Bodhi , I can paint a giant portrait of you

  12. I was thinking on the side of a building A la "Sadam Hussein " style .
    My bad;)

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