My life in bullet-points (again)


I read Zits every morning. Today’s was particularly funny, I thought.

  • Liked this quote: "You cannot live an authentic life without mastering the art of disappointing people."  Cheryl Richardson
  • And this one: "Thinking without awareness is the main dilemma of human existence." Eckhart Tolle
  • But this is another fake Buddha quote doing the rounds on Twitter, quotations sites, etc: ” ‘If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change’ – Buddha.” The entire tone of that statement is so far from anything I’ve read in any form of Buddhist scripture that I’m astonished anyone familiar with Buddhism would think for a moment this is genuine. And yet I see Buddhists passing this quote on as if it were.
  • It’s good to know I live in the land of the free. Now you’re not a criminal in Colorado for watering your garden with rainwater.  (But I believe it’s still illegal to fill your own gas tank in Oregon).
  • Interesting article about fireflies. I’d have titled it, "Why females prefer flashers." That’s why the NYT will never employ me.
  • Speaking of which, here’s the NYT on the Dalai Lama’s Science Initiative.
  • I think it’s interesting how many people call the iPod Touch the "iTouch." Suggests the real name is a bit awkward. A bit of a mis-step by Apple, I think.
  • The very talented E. Christopher Clark is raising money through Kickstarter. Donors get copies of his new book once it’s done (and other goodies).
  • Norm Coleman conceded! Go Franken!