Reading is powerful magic

Reading is powerful magic

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Pretty much says it all – bags of potential, but people can't be bothered.?

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  1. steph lake steph lake says:

    that is awesome +Bodhipaksa Dharmacari I love reading.  I remember a period after my daughter was born that I didn't read for almost a year, I remember my vocabulary shrinking and actually just feeling less smart.

  2. My children are read to every day. I'm getting back into reading for pleasure again after a dry period. Like yours, my reading fell away after the kids arrived.

  3. Is this cultural down to uninspiring teaching or the modern instant sound bite culture.
    My personal materialism is all about books.
    I would be rich if I hadn't spent the last fifty years buying books.
    I have only not finished about ten books in all that time.
    Harry Potter failed to inspire as I just found them unreadable.
    Salman Rushdie is another of the emperors new clothes experiences.
    Much of what I enjoy would probably leave every one else bored to tears isn't personal taste wonderful.

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Published: Dec 26 2013

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