My life in bullet points: 2010-10-16

  • RT @newscientist: Is Earth crumbling? A warming world could leave cities flattened #
  • Tipu's instant chai: perfect for a rainy NH day (and seriously, the best chai I've had). #
  • Anyone out there with press release skills who'd be willing to look over a draft I've put together for my zombie meditation class? #
  • There should be a compulsory course in the use of bcc before people are allowed to use email. #

My life in bullet points: 2010-10-15

  • Just applied for a Square mobile card reader so that I can sell books while on the run: <- Cool idea! #
  • It's really is Not A Good Thing being up at 1am trying to get my inbox closer to 0. But commonsense is kicking in & I'm off to hit the hay. #
  • RT @dustinbuster: @Bodhipaksa I'm really enjoying your new book. Job well done. :-) [Available here: #
  • Paladino “folded like a cheap camera.” Hilarious article! #
  • Was that fireworks in Newmarket at 6:30 this morning? My wife thought it might be hunters. #
  • Another interview request just came in. Cool. #
  • If we're empty of an essence, what is it that reincarnates? #
  • Where you can buy Living as a River, my book on embracing change and letting go of fear: #
  • Crazy times. I have one book just out in the US, and here's another, in the UK (soon to be in the US as well) #
  • And yet another interview request has come in! #
  • Just uninstalled Dragon Dictate for Mac and asked for a refund. The new version was more of a disaster than an upgrade. #
  • OK. The Dragon installation seems to have fracked up MacSpeech. Let's see if Time Machine can come to the rescue. #
  • YES! Time Machine successfully restored my MacSpeech Dictate to its pre-fracked condition. Sometimes I love Apple. #
  • Mwuh! Take away the tache & I'd snog him. RT @ZenDirtZenDust: Reading @Bodhipaksa's "Living as a River" Rarely am I so drawn to an intro. #
  • So, I'm just off the phone with Padmatara and my Halloween workshop — "Dharma of the Living Dead: A Buddhist… #
  • "Dharma of the Living Dead: A Buddhist Guide to Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse" is one step closer to reality. #
  • Haven't written a press release in years, but this one for my zombie meditation class is fun to do. #
  • I'll be relying on this stellar guide to compact packing to get me through my 3 week west coast book tour: #
  • Here's a blog post about my book, "Living as a River." (List of sellers here: #

My life in bullet points: 2010-10-14

  • Woke up with a cold this morning. It's my ambition not to infect the rest of the family. #
  • Interview in 5 minutes with Greg Voisen of "Inside Personal Growth." #
  • Seven Things You Really Don't Need to Take a Photo Of #
  • I've been greatly enjoying an email exchange with @YouAre_IT, which we started in order to get to know each other better. Good thing to do. #
  • Cool. Just got a book event scheduled for RiverRun in Portsmouth, NH. #

My life in bullet points: 2010-10-13

  • 71 Percent of Tweets Are Ignored [I'm surprised it's that low]. #
  • RT @c4chaos: .@Bodhipaksa: do zombies have Buddha-nature? #zombiemeditation #
  • Mornin', folks. #
  • David Brooks is on good form, with a piece on sclerotic government. (wrong to blame the Dems exclusively, though). #
  • I'm stunned (in a good way) by the scale of the East coast wind-power backbone: #
  • I'm very, very happy with the way my book launch talk at Aryaloka Buddhist Center went tonight. #
  • "Well written and spiritually deep" (yup, that's about my book, "Living as a River") #

My life in bullet points: 2010-10-12