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Guided meditations are an excellent way to learn meditation as a beginner, or to deepen your skills if you have an existing practice.

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Articles on meditation

texts Bodhipaksa has published many articles on meditation and other aspects of conscious living on Wildmind, his online meditation center. Click here to read Bodhipaksa's articles on Wildmind.org



Most of Bodhipaksa's videos on Youtube are available only to participants in his online meditation events, but some are available to the public.

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Bodhipaksa has published several books on meditation and other aspects of Buddhist practice, available at your local bookstore or at Amazon.

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What people say

My sitting experience has been transformed from being dominated by fear and pain to being more spacious and safe-feeling. Pain is workable now and I have a sense of much more ease.

Bodhipaksa has always had the time to answer my questions personally with compassion and insight. A simple online meeting with him could be life changing.

Bodhipaksa embodies an unusual combination of penetrating wisdom, simplicity and modesty, heartfelt good humor, deep contemplative training, grounding in science, and direct clear expression. A wonderful friend and teacher for the path.

Bodhipaksa has an understanding of practice that is subtle and yet bold. His instruction is traditional yet has a modernism that makes sense to my modern mind.

Bodhipaksa has given me the instruments, ideas and and attitudes to safely navigate the mundane stresses and the grand upheavals that life inevitably presents.

…a welcoming, kindhearted teacher who is passionate about teaching the Dharma and helping to relieve suffering in this world.

I value the kindness, clarity, and generous spirit with which Bodhipaksa teaches meditation. He’s an inspiring teacher, moreover, one who feels like a spiritual friend.

…helps me understand myself and how I want to live this life. The impact is so powerful I immediately want to share his wisdom with my patients who are people amidst trauma and irrevocable loss.

“I Can’t Believe It’s Not Buddha!”

Bodhipaksa’s forthcoming book will be published on November 6 by Parallax Press. But you can preorder now using the links below. Choose from one of three nutritious formats!

From the back cover: “Quotes from the Buddha can be found everywhere: on Facebook, Instagram, coffee mugs, and posters. There’s only one problem: the Buddha didn’t actually say most of them. This humorous and informative book takes these fake Buddha quotes as a launching point for a discussion on what the Buddha really did say, and is a great entry point for those interested in learning more about Buddhism—what it is and what it isn’t.”