Rick Hanson

Bodhipaksa embodies an unusual combination of penetrating wisdom, simplicity and modesty, heartfelt good humor, deep contemplative training, grounding in science, and direct clear expression. A wonderful friend and teacher for the path.

Essie Howells-Lloyd

…helps me understand myself and how I want to live this life. The impact is so powerful I immediately want to share his wisdom with my patients who are people amidst trauma and irrevocable loss.

Rebecca Semmens-Wheeler

I value the kindness, clarity, and generous spirit with which Bodhipaksa teaches meditation. He’s an inspiring teacher, moreover, one who feels like a spiritual friend.

Eileen Cain

…a welcoming, kindhearted teacher who is passionate about teaching the Dharma and helping to relieve suffering in this world.

Adrian Reynolds

Bodhipaksa has always had the time to answer my questions personally with compassion and insight. A simple online meeting with him could be life changing.